Restoring your property for generations to come



This building was on the listed monuments at risk register.

The front façade of this building was taken down then rebuilt using the original stones with new locally sourced sandstone carved to make the new doorway and windows all laid in traditional lime mortar.

Stairway to Watson Fothergill Grade II listed offices

These damaged stairs where restored by our stonemasons using a wide variety of skills:

  • Initially to clean then template followed by the carving of new step ends
  • Then to specialised fixing and finally the refitting of the original bannister.


Large stone portico with balaustrade feature

Pillars new build

These pillar caps were sculpted to match the original damaged caps by our banker masons from a solid m3 sandstone block using mainly mallet and chisel skills.

The wall and pillars are built in Bulwell stone with lime mortar.

Castle Grove

Castle wall restoration including new stones and lime pointing with underlining sandstone base reinforced


This building was on the at risk register and when finished received an award.  The sandstone porch was carefully taken down and relaid in its new position so as to keep the original building’s features.

We would like to thank Phil Maltby, main contractor, and Malcolm Wright, owner, for giving us the opportunity to be involved in this project.


Statue repair

Specialist mortar repair to the bendigo statue