Restoring your property for generations to come




Restored to its former glory by chiselling to gently remove the cement based coating to the decorative heads then replacing the eroded pillars with new matching sandstone columns.

Specialised chemical paint removal.


This gravestone was cleaned and relaid by our craftsmen to produce a stunning original finish.


Carvers use their artistic abilities to carve foliage, figures, faces, animals and abstract designs one off bespoke art work.

Bespoke carving and Fireplaces

Mortar repairs


Lime mortar hydraulic/putty lime is a softer material than cement based mortars and as a rule the mortar used should always be ‘softer’ than the masonry/brickwork, therefore, any movement over time should show in the joints and not damage the stonework also lime mortars sap the damp from the stone/brickwork to the mortar surface where its allowed to evaporate, saving damp/salt effervescence forming and damaging masonry.


Banker Masons

Banker Masons specialise in carving geometrical shapes, producing stones with simple chamfers to tracery windows, detailed mouldings and classical architectural building masonry.

Fixer Masons

Specialise in fixing stone into buildings and laying new stonework in traditional lime mortar as well as modern based mortars, resins and grouts.

We also use specialist stainless steel fixings from small dowels to specialised cramps and single application fixings.



chimneys taken down and rebuilt to original profile and new wall using original bricks and bond new chimney built to an old picture to original


Kitchen Work Surfaces

These kitchens were made using ancaster stone for the worktops and flooring


Swimming Pools

This bespoke jacuzzi sauna and swimming pool was carved and laid using portland stone,